Leah is the Founder and President of BecuzIcare11, now a 501c3 organization with the goal of spreading kindness throughout the world. The number “11” matches Leah’s basketball number as well as the basketball number of her cousin, Terri Byrd, who passed away at 16 years old in 2015. Leah added the number 11 to BecuzIcare because she wanted a piece of her and Terri’s memory to stay with each bracelet as it traveled around the world.

The words written on each BecuzIcare11 card that comes with the bracelet reads:

Because I care is a program that can go all around the country. All you have to do is start with a few bracelets then whenever you do something nice for someone (i.e. buy their coffee at Starbucks, or pay them a compliment) you give them a bracelet, and pass down this message: In a world with so many issues, let’s just show other people that they are valued.

This message was written by Leah at 10 years old, but will forever ring true throughout the globe.

Leah’s Story

  • DECEMBER 2015

    9-year-old Leah Nelson was given a Rainbow Loom bracelet making kit by her uncle. She enjoyed sitting down each day to make a bracelet to match whatever outfit she planned on wearing for the day. The bracelets quickly began piling up on her desk after she’d wear them 1 time since they were all created to be worn with a specific outfit for the day.

  • JULY 2016

    Seven months later, now 10 year old Leah went to her parents with an idea for the pile of bracelets on her desk. She was going to give the bracelets away around the community and encourage the bracelets recipients to do something kind for somebody else. The bracelet would go from person to person, leaving a trail of kindness in its path. She went out to a community event in her hometown of West Sacramento, CA and gave away her first bracelet to the city’s Mayor, Christopher Cabaldon. He was so impressed by her initiative, he featured her on his social media and allowed her to share her speech about BecuzIcare to his followers.

  • DECEMBER 2016

    Donations to help Leah’s cause began to pour in from around the world. People wanted to help the little girl with a mission to help others. Leah decided to use the donations to adapt 3 local families for the holidays. They were treated to a Christmas Dinner with all the fixings, and a $1,000 Christmas shopping spree. Leah and the BecuzIcare11 team personally took the time to take the families shopping and shop for the families. In addition to adopting families for the holidays, Leah was also able to work with the West Sacramento Police Department, GenerationOn and Hasbro toys to personally deliver toys to over 100 underprivileged families in her hometown, West Sacramento, CA.

  • JULY 2017

    Leah, her family, friends and kids around the world inspired by Leah had created and given out over 10,000 bracelets worldwide. Demand continued to grow for the bracelets, and with middle school looming, Leah made the decision that meeting the demand for bracelets would be to difficult, but she wanted the BecuzIcare11 cause to go on. She made the decision that instead of the Rainbow Loom bracelets, she would personally design silicone bracelets to sell and earn money to continue her philanthropic endeavors. The bracelets represent how far her idea had come, they have her social media handle and the words “KINDNESS TRAVELS” This represents how the message of kindness has traveled worldwide. On the inside of the bracelets you will find the word “KIND” written in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, representing the languages spoken by nearly 80% of social media followers.

  • DECEMBER 2017

    Leah Nelson is now 11 years old. Her bracelet making initiative is now a global success with the BecuzIcare11 story being viewed online more than 110 million times. Leah has used the donations and proceeds from the sale of the bracelets to pay the rent of Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston, adapt a classroom and provide school supplies for student affected by flooding in Louisiana, amongst other things. She has raised over $20,000 to date for various random acts of kindness. Her mission is to use her social media platform to do as much good for other people as she can. Her Facebook page, created the day after her first video went viral, currently has over 60,000 followers worldwide.


    BecuzIcare11 chapters are active in the United States, France, Brazil, Japan, Italy, England, Portugal, South Africa, Philippines, Morrocco, Mexico and Canada. One 10 year old goal has helped inspire a kindness initiative that is active on every continent in the world.

Kindness Travels.

100% of your gift goes toward BecuzIcare11 initiatives.


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